AMurderOfBears wins Overdrive Week 3!

AMurderOfBears wins Overdrive Week 3!

As we race towards the finish line for Overdrive Series Season 2, we’re happy to bring you the results for our third weekly bracket!

For Week 3, we see the return of a respectable amount of last week’s Top 8, including our returning champion, Xcel’s BjornSonOfBear, who won half of the second Overdrive Series. We also welcome doren2k and SUGOI Munsu back to the Top 8 whilst meeting new faces such as Sway, Sora no Yakumo and Halfeti. Unfortunately for doren2k, he took a DQ due to his inability to participate, meaning he would finish at 7th place while Sora no Yakumo proceeded to Loser’s Quarterfinals.

It’s clear at this point that FF ElvenShadow and BjornSonOfBear have forged a rivalry, as these two have met in tournament more times than any other player. At times, ElvenShadow comes close to solving his opponent’s equation only to make a fatal error that made his efforts all for naught. At others, he is left absolutely baffled by Bear’s gameplay. Although ElvenShadow fought well, he was defeated in Winner’s Semis and forced to scramble his way back through Loser’s Bracket just to survive. In the meantime, Bear also defeated SUGOI Munsu’s Elphelt 3-0 to earn himself a familiar position in the Grand Finals.

ElvenShadow fended off all of the new challengers in Loser’s to make his way to Loser’s Finals, where he faced Munsu in a grueling exhibition of Faust vs. Elphelt. Munsu left a dent in ElvenShadow’s armor by taking a game off him, but this setback does nothing to discourage the Faust specialist. Shadow took it 3-1 to claim his runback with Bear in Grand Finals. However, Bear eliminated Shadow 3-1 in a similar fashion to become the Week 3 winner!

Final Results

1st – Xcel BjornSonOfBear
Prizes: 300 league points

2nd – FF ElvenShadow
Prizes: 250 league points

3rd – SUGOI Munsu
Prizes: 225 league points

4th – Sora no Yakumo
Prizes: 200 league points

5th – Halfeti
Prizes: 175 league points

5th – TSB Sway
Prizes: 175 league points

7th – Minuteman64
Prizes: 150 league points

7th – doren2k
Prizes: 150 league points

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 3 vs. Halfeti (Leo Whitefang): 0

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 2 vs. Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3

Loser’s Bracket

TSB Sway (Jam Kuradoberi): 3 vs. Minuteman64 (Ky Kiske): 0

(doren2k is DQ’ed due to unavailability, so Sora no Yakumo advances)

Loser’s Quarterfinals

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 3 vs. TSB Sway (Jam Kuradoberi): 0

Halfeti (Leo Whitefang): 0 vs. Sora no Yakumo (Millia Rage): 3

Winner’s Finals

Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 0

Loser’s Semifinals

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 3 vs. Sora no Yakumo (Millia Rage): 0

Loser’s Finals

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 3 vs. SUGOI Munsu (Elphelt): 1

Grand Finals

Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 1

Our congratulations go out to BjornSonOfBear for essentially repeating his domination from the previous Overdrive Series back in April! He now sits on a comfortable lead with 900 league points, but FF ElvenShadow is trailing him by just 150 points at second place. Should Bear continue his streak for the final week, he need not be concerned, but should he finish in the lower half of Top 8 and ElvenShadow places above him, that could lead to quite an upset!

Missed out on the Week 3 finals? Give this archive a watch!

As a reminder, placing in the Top 8 of each week will net you a specific amount of league points. These are essential in putting you a step closer to claiming the ultimate prize as the Overdrive Series winner: a free trip to this year’s CEOtaku, an event that celebrates the Anime Fighting Game Community in Orlando! With only one week left to go, these final league points are crucial!

Below are the updated rankings for Overdrive Series Season 2.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to throw these warlords for a loop, then head over to our page at SmashGG and sign up! You must be at least thirteen years old to participate. Standard tournament platform is PC – at least three mbps of upload speed and an ethernet cable are required.

A resounding thank-you to OctoPimp and Samifish for casting the Week 3 finals, as well as to Level-Up Productions for collaborating with us to support the players with a love for anime fighting games! We’ll be back tomorrow to round off the second season, and we hope you’ll return as well!

Want to watch the Overdrive Series finale when it happens?! Then follow this page from StreamMe! Preliminaries will air at 6 P.M. Pacific Time tomorrow with the finals following on Tuesday at 7 P.M.

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