AMurderOfBears is your Overdrive S2 Champion!

AMurderOfBears is your Overdrive S2 Champion!

Our second season of the Overdrive Series has come to a resounding close!

For four weeks straight, Xcel BjornSonOfBear and FF ElvenShadow clashed in Grand Finals. The intensity of their matches escalated with each week, but the result remained the same…Bear emerged victorious after all of their confrontations, despite a close call he’d experienced in his first set with Mr. K, a late newcomer to the Overdrive Series!

As a result of his flawless streak, Bear is your back-to-back league champion for both seasons of the Overdrive Series! This means that he’s going to EVO 2017 and to CEOtaku 2017 to compete in high-level Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2! We congratulate him for his achievements and wish him all the best!

From both StreamMe and Level-Up Series, we thank the anime FGC for their support and participation in the Overdrive Series! We hope you’re enjoying the launch of XRD Rev 2 and can’t wait to deliver to you more competitions for your favorite anime fighters!

Final Results

1st – Xcel BjornSonOfBear
Prizes: 300 league points

2nd – FF ElvenShadow
Prizes: 250 league points

3rd – Mr. K
Prizes: 225 league points

4th – StAr TeddyTreebark
Prizes: 200 league points

5th – Bertforce
Prizes: 175 league points

5th – TSB Sway
Prizes: 175 league points

7th – doren2k
Prizes: 150 league points

7th – tenpai!!
Prizes: 150 league points

Match Log

Winner’s Semifinals

Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. Mr. K (Leo Whitefang): 1

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 3 vs. Bertforce (Leo Whitefang): 0

Loser’s Bracket

(doren2k and tenpai were DQ’ed due to unavailability, so TSB Sway and StAr TeddyTreebark are advanced to Loser’s Quarterfinals)

Loser’s Quarterfinals

Bertforce (Leo Whitefang): 1 vs. StAr TeddyTreebark (Millia Rage): 3

Mr K. (Leo Whitefang): 3 vs. TSB Sway (Jam Kuradoberi): 0

Loser’s Semifinals

StAr TeddyTreebark (Millia Rage): 0 vs. Mr. K (Leo Whitefang): 3

Winner’s Finals

Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 1

Loser’s Finals

FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 3 vs. Mr K. (Leo Whitefang): 1

Grand Finals

Xcel BjornSonOfBear (Chipp Zanuff): 3 vs. FF ElvenShadow (Faust): 2

The Week 4 Grand Finals featured what may be the best match we’ve seen during the league! If you missed out on the action, check out this archive to get caught up!

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CEOtaku takes place at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando on September 23-24. As the endpoint of the Burst League, it will feature a roster of the Anime FGC’s hottest fighting games whilst providing competitions for cosplayers, artists, etc.! For more information, feel free to give this page a look.

Additionally, EVO 2017 will take place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 14-16. Out of the nine games featured in its lineup, all three of the Burst League’s mainstream titles – King of Fighters XIV, Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 and Blazblue: Central Fiction – are coming to the World Stage to celebrate the fighting game genre in the grandest setting of all! Registration closes this Friday so if you haven’t reserved your spot, you’d best visit their page now!

Our thanks go out to OctoPimp and Rynge_ for casting the Week 4 finals! Thanks also go to Level-Up Series for partnering with us to host a second season! Will we return for a Season 3?! Perhaps…stay tuned for updates!

Once again, to everybody who participated in the Overdrive Series or tuned in to enjoy the show, we sincerely appreciate you! Please follow this blog and the pages below to stay updated on all FGC circuits brought to you by StreamMe!

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