Week 1 of #CellGames delayed due to lobby issues in #DragonballFighterZ

Week 1 of #CellGames delayed due to lobby issues in #DragonballFighterZ

In case you’ve been missing out, let’s bring you up to speed. About three weeks ago, we announced a new league for DragonBall FighterZ via the StreamMe blog – Cell Games. For up to eight weeks, players will compete online in DBFZ for a combination of league points and cash prizes.

Initially we planned to kick off the league yesterday, but unfortunately there have been some issues with the online matchmaking system for the game, particularly the Ring Match feature, which is basically what enables players to spar with each other privately (Private Match, if you will). Bandai Namco has taken notice of the issue, but have yet to reach a solution.

As such, we were left with no choice but to push back the first week of Cell Games. If you’ve signed up for Week 1, your registration is still recorded, so no further action is required on your part. If you have yet to sign up, you now have some additional time to do so! Simply visit www.stream.me/dbz or our page at Smash.GG to get yourself ready for battle.

Although we had to delay the series itself, however, we do have some additional information to provide regarding commentary for Cell Games! Mr Aquaman will be retaining his role as commentator, and joining him will be none other than long-time commentator David Graham a.k.a. @ultradavid!

Followers of the fighting game community’s tournament scene will recognize UltraDavid’s voice from the commentary provided for various events. Normally his specialty revolved around the Street Fighter series, but in recent years, he’s expanded to providing his input for games created by NetherRealm Studios and is now joining in on the craze that is DragonBall FighterZ. We are thrilled to have him with us for Cell Games and we look forward to hearing from him and Aqua when Week 1 of Cell Games kicks off.

As usual, all our brackets are free to enter, but they are restricted to North American players only (USA and Canada) to ensure smooth connections online. The Playstation 4 will be our tournament platform of choice. We advise updating your profile information on your Smash.GG account with your current PSN tag so that our bracket organizers will have no trouble inviting you for your matches if you are called to play on stream.

What’s at stake in Cell Games? Over $5,000 in total cash prizes, with almost $3,000 of that pot going towards the season finale, where the top eight players holding the most league points will clash for the title of Cell Games Champion!

We will update you again with additional changes in scheduling, so follow our blog, @GauntletGG and @StreamMe to stay informed!

P.S. For those of you still following our competitive series for Injustice 2, which is called War of the Gods, we are still proceeding with Week 8 for Season 2 tonight at 6 P.M. Eastern Time. Any players wanting to join in on the action are advised to make sure they have signed up, because registration closes today at 4:00!

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