War of the Gods Overview

Season will take place between May 20th to October 1st which includes a 10 week season and finale. Each week will start with open registration double elimination bracket broadcasted on Saturday and then will continue with the Top 8 of the week that qualified to compete on Tuesday for more league points and cash prize pool.

Only legal residents of the USA and Canada are eligible to compete in this tournament. All ages are available to play, however if player is not of the age of 16 years old then parental tax information will be required to claim prize winnings.

You can either use the navigation dropdown menu above, or go to Gauntlet.GG/war-registration or you can head on over the Smash.gg/War and input the correct information in the form. Remember your account information to assure your properly awarded placement points (We will not combine accounts).

You can use the live support via Smash.gg match-up page as our admins will work promptly to resolve issues. Please do not tweet at the casters or admins about issues as they are focused mainly on production or admin responsibilities via Smash.gg.

Best of Five Games
Double Elimination
Competitive Mode: Enabled
Game Timer: 240 seconds
Stage: Both players are to choose RANDOM select.
Character Selection: Winner must select the same character, Loser may switch.
All characters are allowed and may use hidden select via character selection screen.

Players have up to fifth-teen (15) minutes to “check in” via Smash.gg before being automatically forfeited for that series and moved to the loser’s bracket and then restart the process. In the event of a disconnect, refer to the rules and contact an admin via live support. Players must be online and ready to play at the designated match start time.

If a player is not fully ready to play and has checked in then the please pin an admin via Smash.gg and they will handle it accordingly. If a player is unable to join a lobby due to technical difficulties with the game, without issues of the game servers, they must notify the opposing player and an admin immediately and inform them that you are attempting to connect. If problems arise, an administrator will attempt to resolve the matter.

Throughout the bracket an Admin may contact you via matchup chat room to schedule your match to be played on stream, please abide by their request. Once the bracket reaches the Quarter Finals (Top 8), the remainder of the tournament will be played on the Tuesday broadcast starting at 8PM EST. You MUST confirm your attendance within 24 hours prior to the start of the show. Personal broadcast of any gameplay during Stream.me tournament series is prohibited from external platforms in which may lead to terms of rejection from future tournaments and/or legal matters. If you would like to broadcast your match then the Stream.me service is available.

All participants in the season must adhere to the decisions and rules of the league official operators, admins, and support. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between tournament operators, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.

Players are expected to withhold their highest integrity towards win each game. If a player is found without integrity (ie sandbag) to better their own or others overall standings, then a suitable decision will be served per the Administration team. Punishments for collusion may be, but are not restricted to the following: Loss of Season Points, Loss of Prizing, Banishment from the remainder of the Season and Finals, Banishment from future tournaments.

In the event of a “Game Session has ended” due to disconnect of server, both players will restart the best of 5 game. It will be the responsibility of the player that got disconnected from server to connect his opponent within 5 minutes. In a matter where a player intentionally disconnects then that player will forfeit the entire game, not just a round. Screenshots are advised in a matter of dispute which can be uploaded via match-up live chat at Smash.gg.

When the 240 seconds of time runs out, whoever has the most remaining health will win the round. If both players enter a match extension they are to play out.

If a player makes qualifies into the weekly Top 8, then the player will communicate with Admins to confirm that they will compete in the weekly Top 8 by Monday, for their Tuesday match pending at 8pm EST start. In case of an emergency and the player is unable to make their match, their opponent receives a bye. If the player does not communicate then they will forfeit participation and potential points/prize in that week’s Top 8.

To report the score, please use the match-up section of Smash.gg bracket. If there are any inconsistencies shown in the report then support will contact both players involved to resolve the inconsistency. In the event of a dispute, be prepared to provide pictures of post-game summaries or video evidence from the match.

Season will consist of four (4) months of competition and then a Season Finale double elimination bracket. All dates and events are subject to change.

First Place: $250 and 150 points
Second Place: $150 and 125 points
Third and Fourth Place: $50 and 75 points
Fifth through Eighth Place: 50 points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place: 25 points
Seventh through Thirty-Second Place: 10 points

First Place: $4,000
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,500
Fourth Place: $1,000
Fifth Place: $500
Sixth Place: $500

Prize money will be paid out within fourteen (14) business days from when the completed tax form has been received. Stream.me Support will contact the players to provide the required information & form(s) for the prize payout. Payments are only available through electronic payment.

(*pending changes)

Saturday Qualifier Top 8
6:00 PM EST 8:00 PM EST
Week 1: May 20th May 23rd
Week 2: June 3rd June 6th
Week 3:  June 24th June 27th
Week 4: July 1st July 4th
Week 5: July 8th July 11th
Week 6: July 22nd July 25th
Week 7: August 5th August 8th
Week 8: August 19th August 22nd
Week 9: September 10th September 12th
Week 10: October 1st October 3rd
Finale: October 8th


The “War of the Gods” circuit series is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or
NetherRealm Studios. Competitors receive prizes per Stream.Me in which are the sole administers of the circuit series.