Voice Actors for Goku and Vegeta will spar in #DragonBallFighterZ at the @EsportsArena on January 25th!

Voice Actors for Goku and Vegeta will spar in #DragonBallFighterZ at the @EsportsArena on January 25th!

You aren’t ready for this…no, seriously. You aren’t.

But you’re getting it, anyway! To celebrate the launch of DragonBall FighterZ this month, the English voice actors for Goku and Vegata – Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat – will meet for an exhibition match at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana on January 25th!

The match-up was sparked by an exchange that took place between Sean and Christopher on Twitter over the course of the previous week, egged on by DragonBall fans worldwide. Funimation instantly took notice, and from there, the seeds for the exciting exhibition were planted by both the company and Esports Arena. Thus, the Super Saiyan Showdown was conceived.

And YES, the Showdown will be streamed live at the arena!

We will update you when more information on the event has surfaced. Until then, consider following both actors at their Twitter accounts to stay up to date on this amazing storyline!

DragonBall FighterZ launches on the 26th of January for PS4, Xbox One and PC in North America and Europe, as well as in Japan on February 1st.

Sean Schemmel’s Twitter
Christopher Sabat’s Twitter
Esports Arena Twitter
Funimation Twitter

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