Team @UYU_GG signs @BeautifuldudeGG for Guilty Gear and Tekken

Team @UYU_GG signs @BeautifuldudeGG for Guilty Gear and Tekken

To mark UYU’s entrance into the new year, they have signed a pro-level Guilty Gear player by the name of Julian “Beautifuldude” Franco, who’d previously represented ITS (In The Skies) in 2017!

This move marks another step in UYU’s resolution to become an organization supporting multiple fighting games, after originating as a group that supported Tekken players. And speaking of Tekken, Beautifuldude has apparently opted to take his talents to Tekken 7 while juggling both it and Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2.

Since 2015, Beautifuldude has been a force to be reckoned with in the Guilty Gear series, though he has also made occasional detours to the BlazBlue side of things. He’s been a regular attendee at both Combo Breaker and SoCal Regionals for three years straight, never placing below Top 8 in any of the events. In fact, while representing the ITS banner, he seized the crown for Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 at SCR 2017!

Beautifuldude’s entrance into UYU marks a new chapter in the book of his esports career! Congratulations to him for seizing this new opportunity to represent!

On a side-note, Beautifuldude is among the players invited to participate in the Dissidia Fantasy Finals hosted by Square Enix and Amazon on January 17th. In the Fantasy Finals, eight teams, with three players assigned to each team, will compete live on stream in a pre-release version of DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT on the Playstation 4. Beautifuldude will be coordinating with JonaKim and M4nnyFr3sh_ to battle his way through an incredibly challenging bracket, all while attempting to adapt to the battle mechanics of DISSIDIA FF NT.

For more information on the Dissidia Fantasy Finals, we encourage you to check out this article.

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