StreamMe Anakin wins Rage Within Week #1!

StreamMe Anakin wins Rage Within Week #1!

Approximately two-hundred players entered our first bracket for Rage Within, an online competitive series for Tekken 7 brought to you by StreamMe and GauntletGG!

StreamMe’s Anakin and ITS P. Ling squared off in Winner’s Finals where Anakin emerged victorious without dropping any matches. Undeterred, P. Ling fended off his teammate BMNS-13 in Loser’s Finals to earn the runback with Anakin in Grand Finals. Despite his minor victory in taking a game off Anakin, the EVO finalist took the set 3-1 to become our first weekly champion for Rage Within!

Winner: SM Anakin
Prizes: $200 and 150 league points

2nd Place: ITS P. Ling
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd Place: ITS MBNS-13
Prizes: $75 and 75 league points

4th Place: PG Speedkicks
Prizes: $50 and 50 league points

5th Place (T): Tae912
Prizes: 25 league points

5th Place (T): JoeyFury
Prizes: 25 league points

7th Place (T): Turkeasy
Prizes: 20 league points

7th Place (T): Joonya_2 OZ
Prizes: 20 league points

It is our pleasure to congratulate StreamMe Anakin for the victory! His achievement bags him $200 plus the lead in the Rage Within league rankings, which have been updated to reflect the results from Week 1. See below!

We thank the Tekken community for helping us to kick off Rage Within with a blast! We will return on August 20th to bring you our next weekly bracket. Should you wish to participate, see our page here.

Missed out on last night’s bracket? Don’t fret, we have an archive here for you to watch so you can catch up! We assure you that it’s worth your time.

Rage Within is a bi-weekly online circuit for Tekken 7 played on the Playstation 4. Only residents of the U.S.A. and Canada are eligible to participate. An age limit is not in effect, although underage participants will require parental assistance to claim any winnings they earn. The complete ruleset for Rage Within can be reviewed here.

All broadcasts for Rage Within are hosted at We recommend that you follow the page and have your email notifications enabled if you intend to tune in when our next bracket happens!

Our thanks go out to BloodHawk and RenoFace for assisting with commentary for Rage Within. We’ll see them for Week 2! Make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

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