Second Free Play Demo for #MVCI available on PS4 from December 8-11!

Second Free Play Demo for #MVCI available on PS4 from December 8-11!

Following the success from Capcom’s last free play demo for MVC Infinite near the end of November, the company has decided to launch the demo for a second session this weekend, starting this Friday and lasting until December 11th!

Like before, only Playstation Plus subscribers will have access to this trial version of MVCI, and it will be available only on the Playstation 4. The demo will include all thirty launch characters, but only two gameplay modes will be accessible: Training Mode and Online Casual Mode. Should you play on the latter, you’ll be able to battle against fellow owners of the demo as well as opponents playing from the mainstream version of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

None of the DLC characters, including the three which released just today (Winter Soldier, Venom and Black Widow to be specific), will be available in the trial version, unfortunately.

Taken from this post at the Capcom Unity blog, the trial version of MVCI will go live in the following locations at the following schedules:

America – December 8 at 8AM PST until December 11 at 8AM PST

Japan – December 8 at 9pm JST until December 11 at 11:59PM JST

Europe – December 8 at 12PM GMT until December 11 at 12PM GMT

Be advised that the above schedules may shift without notice. You can pre-load the MVCI demo by booting up your PS4 and heading to the Playstation Store right now!

Also, today marks the day when Marvel vs Capcom Infinite receives content updates including a balance patch and premium skins for a portion of the roster! For more information, refer to the following articles:

Stone Seekers Costume Pack for MVCI releases December 5th
Major Balance Patch for MVCI coming December 5th

The mainstream version of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is available right now for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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