Pop Up Tour Overview

The Pop Up Tour is a traveling tournament series hosted by StreamMe. All around the country FGC events occur and we will be popping up at quite a few of them to surprise competitors with another chance at prizes. We could pop up in the venue itself, in a hotel room, or even the lobby! All hosted by Mr.Aquaman

Anyone at the said location will be eligible to enter. Number of entrants may be limited  due to time restrictions and access to setups and will be determined at the time of the event.

How Do I Register
There is no registration for these events. You will have to be in the right place at the right time to sign up.
Tune in to twitter to see when and where events take place. There will be a Pop Up Tour banner in the correct location.

Each tournament will have a different format that will be determined at the time of the event.
This could vary from different game modes, features, teams, timers, and etc.

The tournament will be broadcasted live to https://www.stream.me/popuptour
(Note that internet connections are going to vary along with quality)

Prizes (per Pop Up event)
First Place – $50
Second Place – $30
Third Place – $20
(Prize money will be paid out in cash on site)

Schedule (*Schedule is tentative and subject to change)
Combo Breaker : May 26-28
CEO : June 16-18
EVO : July 14-16

Be on the look out for him at any major FGC tournament this year,
you never know where he will pop up!