"Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack" to introduce first DLC content in two waves!

"Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack" to introduce first DLC content in two waves!

In today’s Nintendo Direct mini, we’ve learned that Pokken Tournament DX’s first DLC pack is on the way!

The Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack is available in the Nintendo eShop as of today for $14.99 (see here to purchase the product). The Battle Pack will prepare you for additional updates near the end of January and in March, and these updates will supply you with extra Pokemon to take into battle!

The Battle Pack’s DLC will be distributed in two waves, with the first coming up on January 31st. Wave 1 will introduce Aegislash as a playable fighter, along with Rayquaza and Mimikyu as support Pokemon. Wave 2 is scheduled for March 23rd and will feature Blastoise, with Mew and Celebi as his supporters.

Additionally, both waves of DLC will feature a player title and an additional costume as an “Avatar Item.” See below for an exemplary image depicting the costumes!

So what are the new Pokemon capable of? Thus far, Nintendo has informed us about the abilities for the Pokemon featured in the Wave 1 DLC. See below for details.

  • Aegislash: during a match, Aegislash can switch between a Blade Form and a Shield Form, thus changing up its stats and gaining access to different attacks. You’ll want to choose your times to switch carefully, though, as this is an unsafe option.
  • Rayquaza (Support 1): once per round, you can call on Rayquaza to deliver a lightning-fast attack that deals significant damage!
  • Mimikyu (Support 2): after summoning Mimikyu, it will trail behind you during the battle. If you come close to the opponent, you’ll gain a sudden burst in attack power and they’ll suffer an abnormal status effect!

Nothing about what the Wave 2 DLC can do yet, but we expect to learn more as we get closer to their launch date of March 23rd.

Source: Japanese Nintendo Website and BurnsideBH’s Twitter

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