Play Sakura for FREE from January 16-23 in #SFVAE

Play Sakura for FREE from January 16-23 in #SFVAE

Not sure if you’ll put all that much time into Sakura when Street Fighter V upgrades to Arcade Edition? Well, don’t drop the money just yet – there’s a free trial coming up where you can try her out for up to a week after AE’s official launch.

During this trial period, Sakura will be a playable character, as will her Character Story mode and her combo trials. However, once the trial ends, her content will be locked out, and any Fight Money or experience points you earn with the character will be forfeited. If you purchase her separately or the Season 3 Character Pass after the trial ends, all the Fight Money and EXP you previously earned with Sakura will be credited back to you.

This ought to give you an ample amount of time to flesh her out before making the decision to make her one of your main characters. Keep in mind that five other fighters will be introduced in Season 3: G, Falke, Sagat, Blanka and Cody. Should you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass for $29.99, you will be granted immediate access to each character as they are released.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition drops for the Playstation 4 and PC platforms on January 16th, both as a free update for owners of the original SFV title and as a separate disc/digital copy. Should you opt to purchase a separate copy for Arcade Edition, it will cost $39.99 and comes with all S1/S2 characters released for SFV, as well as all content made available since launch.

IMPORTANT: Patch Notes for SFV Arcade Edition have been released this week. Check out this post to learn about them!

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Source: Capcom Unity blog

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