Patch Notes for February #Injustice2 Update and Release Date for #TMNT

Patch Notes for February #Injustice2 Update and Release Date for #TMNT

Immediately after NRS concluded yesterday’s episode of the Watchtower, they dropped their next update for Injustice 2, much to the surprise of the players. This update introduces quite a number of changes, many of which have been welcomed by the community.

Among those changes is the ability to choose from your character’s Premier skins while playing matches in Tournament Mode, provided that said character has any such skins available (example, Superman’s Bizarro skin). Balance changes are also included in the update, and while not all of the roster was affected, the characters considered to be the heaviest hitters, namely Supergirl and Catwoman, got quite a number of adjustments.

As always, we will list only the general changes while leaving you to review the rest at the WBGames Community Forums. Enjoy!

General Gameplay Adjustments

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Fixed some Credits / Mother Box / Multiverse exploits involving deleting your save data
  • Manually deleting your main save data will now result in Multiverse progress being reset
  • Fixed some remaining instances of the indicator incorrectly displaying “Counter” instead of “Punish”
  • You can select available Premiere Skins in Tournament Mode
  • Setting the AI movement mode to Jump in Practice Mode will no longer sometimes cause then to do a Roll when knocked down
  • Fixed a bug which could cause some throw special camera angles to persist when interrupted
  • Fixed a bug causing several attacks with a tumble away reaction to sometimes be a hard knockdown against an airborne opponent but always allow a roll against a grounded opponent.
  • These will now always allow a roll
  • Brainiac – Towards + Medium, Light, Hard
  • Captain Cold – Medium, Light, Hard
  • Cyborg – Towards + Medium, Medium
  • Darkseid – Light, Light, Medium
  • Darkseid – Away + Light, Medium
  • Enchantress – Towards + Medium, Hard
  • Red Hood – Hard, Medium, Hard
  • Sub-Zero – Away + Medium, Hard, Hard
  • Supergirl – Away + Light, Medium, Hard
  • Dr Fate – Chaos Ankh Evade
  • Firestorm – Fusion Charge
  • These will now always be a hard knockdown
  • Aquaman – Light, Light, Medium, Hard
  • Brainiac – Light, Light, Hard
  • Cyborg – Towards + Medium, Medium
  • Firestorm – Light, Light, Hard
  • Cyborg – Sonic Arm
  • Gorilla Grodd – Psionic Push
  • Green Arrow – Stinger Meter Burn
  • Green Lantern – Battery Blast Meter Burn
  • Green Lantern – Air Battery Blast Meter Burn
  • Superman – Flying Punch Meter Burn

Stage Specific Adjustments

  • Atlantis – Fixed an issue with the Fish Tank background interactions not always instantly disappearing on a practice reset
  • Metropolis – Anchor Swing Background Interaction is now a hard knockdown on both grounded and airborne opponents

Also, for those waiting to finally get their hands on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the third and final Fighter Pack, the NRS team has dropped an official release date for holders of the pack and/or the Ultimate Edition: next Tuesday, February 13th. If you have yet to grab either package, now is a good time to consider picking up Fighter Pack 3 so you don’t fall behind on the Turtle hype.

PSN Store – Fighter Pack 3
Xbox Store – Fighter Pack 3
Steam Store – Fighter Pack 3

Didn’t get to catch the Watchtower? Not to worry! Check out the YouTube clip below to do some catching up, and don’t forget to order some pizza before you watch!

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