Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #6!

Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #6!

Didn’t get to catch the Week 6 results back in July? Fret not – we’re prepared to catch you up before we enter the Week 7 finals this incoming Tuesday!

Important: Please be advised that Week 6 took place on July 22nd and July 25th, before the August update was implemented for Injustice 2. To review the patch notes, see this article by StreamMe.

Winner’s Finals

In Winner’s Finals, Noble Dragon squared off against Circa Forever King, who’d recently taken the victory in Injustice 2 at DreamHack Atlanta. In an unusual turn of events, King decided to try his Batman’s strength against Dragon’s Aquaman rather than counter-pick with his Black Adam. The first match showcased an excellent display of patience from King in the face of Dragon’s aggression, up until King found himself nearby the laser interactable in the Red Sun Prison. He immediately took his chance and abused the weapon to turn the match into his favor. Both players life bars tumbled into the pits with King having a slight advantage. After eating an unblockable explosion from a nearby terminal, Dragon found himself hesitant to challenge King’s air offense. He finally cracked and tried a Tentacle Strike at mid-range only to be punished by a MB Slide Kick from Batman! In excellent fashion, the first win was awarded to King.

Thoughts of vengeance had clearly flooded Dragon’s mind after the loss, because in Game 2, he consumed King’s first health bar with almost no damage to himself. It appeared that King’s precision and tendency to convert off unexpected stray hits had abandoned him, especially when an anti-air trait bat saw no follow-up. Through great effort, King finally forced Dragon off his first health bar but then he bet the entire farm on consecutive Slide Kicks, with the second one getting blocked and punished without mercy. With both players tied at a win apiece, King remained faithful to his Dark Knight by opting not to change characters. An onslaught of jump-2 attacks followed each and every one of King’s pressure sequences throughout the third match, and Dragon felt intimidated from challenging any of it until near the end of the face-off. When he finally nailed a D2, he followed with a B123 juggle into the Trident Toss to take a 2-1 lead against his opponent, therefore proceeding to set point.

King remained undaunted by the match-up disadvantage nevertheless. As Game 4 commenced, Dragon backed himself to the corner while fending off the Dark Knight’s offense with little difficulty. King finally closed the distance using an interaction in the Batcave, though it came with the cost of eating a hit from Tentacle Strike. However, he went straight to work abusing Dragon’s position in the corner, gradually whittling away at his health bar in the process. Before the viewers knew it, King had evened out the health bars, but Dragon finally managed to escape the corner and trade positions with him. In response, King used the wall interactable to bounce off the corner and punish Dragon’s mis-timed meaty attempt. The counter-zoning became a handful for King so he instantly forced a Clash to recover 30% health and bring the fight back into his favor. He triggered his trait bat to cover his approach via Dodge Roll and close the distance against Dragon. In a finish that mirrored that of the first game, Dragon tried another mid-range Tentacle Strike, but it failed, leaving him open to a Slide Kick punish from King that ties up the set 2-2!

The chat was immediately flooded by the icon for Circa eSports as a collection of viewers poured out their support to Forever King. Dragon was not intent on letting the set go without a fight, but he was forced to contend with King’s oppression yet again as Game 5 started its course. Suddenly Dragon found his defense failing against King as his legs got clipped by a B1 1, although King committed that string towards his trait instead of hit-confirming. Even an attempt to counter with a D1 left Dragon open to a jump-2 attack, which led to massive damage. The chink in Dragon’s armor became more pronounced as the EVO champion found himself eating Slide Kicks at maximum distance, all of which led to a juggle off Batman’s trait thereby granting King full combos! Frustrated, Dragon clashed after eating such a conversion for the third time. King procured a healthy life lead and defended it well, forcing Dragon to commit to risky methods in a desperate effort to seize back control. Finally, King’s B112 string caused a hard knockdown which guaranteed a MB Batarang for death by chip! King emerged victorious 3-2 after a long but well-played set!

Noble Dragon (Aquaman): 2 vs. Circa Forever King (Batman): 3

Loser’s Finals

As a result of his descent into Loser’s Finals, Dragon was forced to contend with his teammate Semiij in an effort to survive in the bracket. Ten seconds into Game 1, it became apparent that the set with King had taken quite a toll on Dragon. Semiij wisely staggered his offense in anticipation of Aquaman’s trait in order to maintain his pressure game. Dragon found himself a life bar short before he knew it, and the pressure of the situation prompted him to retreat from Semiij’s offense. He eventually collected a whiff punish using MB Tentacle Strike, but his attempt to dash in and convert off the background bounce failed, leaving him vulnerable to Semiij’s wake-up. Dragon immediately reverted back to his strategy of retreating from Semiij, only to trap himself in the corner. Semiij applied another sequence of damage while limiting opportunities to Clash. He finally backed off just as Dragon responded with a B3, which was punished in turn by a low whip.

Having failed to take a life bar off Semiij in that game, Dragon finally abandoned his Aquaman in favor of Black Adam. This choice proved to be a wise one, as reflected by a dominant first round from Dragon that left Semiij one life bar short. The Catwoman specialist’s momentum was further reduced as the life deficit continued to widen, until finally a D2 anti-air against Semiij’s cross-up led to a Clash. Semiij took the opportunity to replenish and, in anticipation of a low lightning attack from Black Adam, shaved off Dragon’s first bar with a clean jump-2. Semiij pressed his offense immediately after, baiting Dragon’s D1 and punishing with a low string into a full combo. Dragon found himself launched again shortly afterwards, but Semiij failed to connect his B3 after the pop-up. He tried to make up for it with a meaty setup, but this was countered by a clean check from Dragon which led to a final conversion that closed out Game 2 in the EVO champion’s favor, tying up the set at one win apiece.

Just as quickly as Dragon recovered, though, his composure was swiftly shattered by Semiij’s renewed aggression. The Catwoman specialist played a nearly flawless game, in spite of a wake-up lightning cage which Dragon did not convert into damage. Semiij practically flayed his Black Adam without mercy, and his victory propelled him to set point. Dragon found himself unsure of how to respond after such a one-sided match. He seemed to consider returning to Aquaman, but in the end, he decided to put his fate into Adam’s hands. Hopes for him began to dwindle when all of his F1 counter-pokes were low-profiled and countered by Semiij’s crouching attacks including his B3. The match quickly became a ringside brawl near the barrel interactables. Finally Dragon managed to switch positions and cross up Semiij repeatedly with ambiguous divekicks, shattering his health bar as a result. In response, Semiij reversed positions yet again, landing a MB B3 and then dashing forward to switch sides before finishing off Dragon’s first bar. Both characters’ corner carry guided them across the map to the leftmost corner this time, with Dragon gaining the upper hand. However, an input error caused him to get his Black Lightning attack which left him open to Semiij’s neutral jump punish. Dragon quickly spent his Clash to reduce the damage to a meager 15% while sustaining one bar for himself. Semiij immediately went into his pressure game, only to be checked and K.O.’ed by Black Adam’s Lightning Hands.

Hopes for Dragon were immediately rekindled as the score reflected two wins for both players, but the EVO champion’s confidence was quickly dashed by Semiij’s unrelenting pressure right as Game 5 started up. As an answer to Dragon’s counterpoke with Lightning Hands, Semiij backdashed after a blockstring, causing the move to whiff. Dragon finally cracked and tried to challenge with a D1 only to be whiff punished, losing his first bar as a result. Dragon fired back with a combo for over 500 points of damage, but in doing so, he found himself without resources, which he would reclaim only via taking damage from his opponent. The situation grew bleak for him. His only flicker of hope was a successful counterpoke that brought Semiij down to his last legs as well, but that hope was quickly shattered by Dragon’s decision to chuck the corner interactable at Semiij, who was more than ready to avoid it with a forward jump and nail a clean punish to close out the set 3-2 in his favor.

Noble Dragon (Aquaman and Black Adam): 2 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Grand Finals

Despite beginning his run through the Top 8 from Loser’s, Semiij survived a trial by fire to scratch his way into Grand Finals for the fifth week in a row. However, waiting for him was Circa Forever King, who looked more than ready to ascend to godhood with his first victory in War of the Gods. King saw his first chance to begin his rhythm and tried to take it, only for his efforts to be disrupted by a backdash from Semiij. His use of wake-up slide eventually conditioned Semiij to block after a knockdown, allowing King the chance to jump out and score a round-winning combo, but his eagerness to jump in cost him dearly. With Semiij up a game, King gathered himself to make a recovery. Although Semiij is known for commendable defense, he’d become exceptionally brave in challenging the gaps in Batman’s oppressive offense (one example is anti-airing the Bat’s jump-2 even after blocking a trait bat), but eventually King found the chink in his armor…only to drop the hit-confirm. Flustered, he attempted a retreat, but Semiij quickly caught up to him using a MB Dodge Roll and managed to jump his Batarang, earning himself a second win in the process! When King’s trait bats refused to lock down the cat in Game 3, the Dark Knight pretty much resigned himself to his loss in the first set.

Fortunately, as Forever King was entering Grand Finals from the Winner’s side, he’d have the chance to redeem himself in another runback. The two returned to the Fortress of Solitude to continue their face-off. King added another layer of mind-games to his offense by cancelling blockstrings into his Slide Kick, while keeping his trait to account for any blocked slides. This proved effective at first, but Semiij quickly tightened his defense later in the set to shut down this tactic. King finally cornered the cat, ending his combo with F3s to prevent Semiij from Clashing. The match gradually goes back to center stage. Semiij got caught unawares by Batman’s F2 3 but Clashed the last hit with lightning reaction speed to avoid the loss. King attempted to enforce his rule but was defeated within mere moments. Throughout the second game, King challenged the positive block advantage of Semiij’s cartwheel attack using B2 3, a move that proved surprisingly effective. In response, Semiij abused the low-profiling properties of his B3 attack to render the Dark Knight’s offense completely irrelevant. King was unable to escape the corner this time, and Semiij went up two wins to nil in a dominating fashion.

Finally, as their sixth match unfolded at the Red Sun Prison’s upper deck, King was able to secure control of the computer interactable at the stage’s leftmost corner in order to project an obstacle course for Semiij to plunder through. The pressure took its toll on the Catwoman specialist’s health bar, forcing him to commit to a dodge roll at the cost of a bar, but King was ready with an uppercut to keep him at bay. Yet, despite his advantage, King chose to come in with a jump attack, giving up the computer in the process. Immediately the scales tipped back into Semiij’s favor, especially with the trait bats simply refusing to connect with Catwoman. After a wild tussle, King eluded his crazed adversary and found a juggle that paved the way for an unclashable stage transition…but no B3 was forthcoming. This opened the gate to a miracle comeback for Semiij to walk right through uninterrupted.

Grand Finals, Set 1

Circa Forever King (Batman): 0 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Grand Finals, Set 2

Circa Forever King (Batman): 0 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: Circa Forever King
Prizes: $150 and 125 league points

3rd Place: Noble Dragon
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

4th Place: SM Perfect Legend
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: BxA StarCharger
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: HARA Rewind
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Noble iLuusions
Prizes: 50 league points

Without dropping a single match in not one, but two Grand Finals sets, Noble Semiij establishes a four-win streak in War of the Gods! Congratulations to him for the victory!

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Fast-forward to today. After an arduous ordeal last Saturday, our Top 8 for Week 7 has been lined up for tomorrow evening at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. To the surprise of nobody, Noble Semiij is waiting in the Winner’s side of Top 8. Although Catwoman has received quite the number of nerfs in Injustice 2’s August update, they don’t appear to have done a number on him at all.

In addition to a number of familiar faces who’ve made previous appearances in a finals bracket for War of the Gods, we’re pleased to welcome three new competitors to the fold – OMGxBDON, VTEC and Deoxys243! BDON will be entering tomorrow’s Top 8 from Winner’s whereas Deoxys and VTEC will be fighting to survive in Loser’s.

Who will be crowned our Week 7 champion? Tune in tomorrow night at to find out!

We’d like to thank EGP Wonder Chef for stopping by to help Mr Aquaman cast the Week 7 preliminaries last Saturday. If you’re a fan of his commentary, you can catch him live on Hometown Heroes later this week! In the meantime, follow him on Twitter to stay updated.

With Week 7’s conclusion tomorrow night, we’ll have only three more weekly brackets preceding our Season Finale in October. However, our league will not continue this weekend, but rather next Saturday on August 19th. Sign up now and grab those league points while you can if you want any hope of making it into the Finale!

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