Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #5!

Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #5!

With Week 5 of War of the Gods at an end, the series enters its halftime period. If you missed out on our previous Top 8 finals, let’s take a stroll down memory lane!

Winner’s Finals

Biohazard has been a regular sighting in War of the Gods, but Week 5 marks his first Top 3 placing. Known for his trademark Bane, he based his strategy around challenging Noble Semiij’s blockstrings with reversal command grabs, but Semiij answered back by neutral jumping in anticipation of the grab to steal a massive chunk of health. It took a great deal of effort for Biohazard to find a knockdown, and when he finally found one, he went to meaty his fallen foe only to lose the game to a wake-up attack. Bio immediately made a switch to Red Hood, a character able to set up 50/50s from a distance using his mines and air gunshots, though most of the time he utilized the mines as a cover-up for his approach. The two traded blow for blow in the second game. Every time Bio took a healthy lead, Semiij instantly seized it back. Following a Clash, Semiij landed another lengthy combo on Bio in the corner, but stopped short in the sequence in anticipation of an air escape. It came and he reacted immediately to win the second match. Again their next match was neck and neck with both players unsure of how to elude one another’s set-ups, but once again the edge went to Semiij who was finding clean jump-ins over Bio’s mis-spaced Gotham Stars. Bio took to blocking his opponent’s combo string only to be caught unawares by a MBF3 Bounce Cancel, which connects as an overhead. With the last of his life bar gone, he descended into Loser’s Finals.

Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3 vs. Biohazard (Bane and Red Hood): 0

Loser’s Finals

Technical difficulties interfered temporarily, so Share Play was utilized in order to bring you the Loser’s Finals between Noble Dragon and Biohazard, who decided to leave us hanging at character with a double hidden selection. As the set began, the characters were revealed to be Dragon’s Black Adam and Biohazard’s Bane. While Dragon is not known to play Black Adam commonly, Aquaman is most effective at a close range, but fighting at such a distance is not recommended against the legendary back-breaker, as Biohazard would demonstrate. Dragon took to the air as often as possible to keep out of grab range while whiff-punishing his opponent’s anticipatory D2 attacks. This approach proved effective, propelling Dragon to a lead of two games over Bio’s nil. In the third game, however, a flawless round from Bio reaffirmed his status as a threatening adversary. His well-timed combo strings consistently broke through Dragon’s armored B3/F3 attacks, sending the King of Kahndaq for a wild ride. With the set tied at two wins apiece, the viewers grew excited to see a change in the momentum. But Bio’s effort at a comeback left him drained and therefore vulnerable to Dragon’s ground-breaking adjustment. Without dropping a life bar, Dragon finished off Bio to win the set 3-2.

Biohazard (Bane): 2 vs. Noble Dragon (Black Adam): 3

Grand Finals

A Noble team kill topped off the Week 5 Grand Finals. The bracket had initially started with five Nobles against three outsiders and was now reduced to two Nobles, but only one could be worthy of the crown. Although Dragon’s Black Adam served him well, he decided to revert back to Aquaman in preparation for a footsie-heavy match-up. The two were engaged in a stare-down while constantly walking back and forth across the arena, waiting patiently for something to give before striking. For the entirety of the first game, Dragon displayed a reluctance to anti-air Semiij’s jumps, instead allowing him to close the distance and apply pressure, though he typically had his trait stocked in the event he slipped up in his defense. The counter-poke game eventually left Dragon vulnerable to death by chip-out. For the second game, Dragon finally got his anti-airs ready for Semiij, but his mis-spaced From the Deep cost him large chunks of life, eventually leading to a second loss. Flustered, he switched back to Black Adam as he found it futile to challenge Semiij on the ground. Instead he played like a cannon, locking on to his target from a distance before unleashing the divekick. However, Semiij spaced himself so that he’d either not get tagged or would block the incoming attack. The Catwoman specialist easily moved Dragon over to the corner, where he proceeded to harass his opponent until an early Clash was forced. For a brief moment, Dragon basked at midscreen only to be forced back into his cage. Semiij cleaned out the last of his life bar to close out War of the Gods as our first three-time champion!

Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Aquaman and Black Adam): 0

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: Noble Dragon
Prizes: $150 and 125 league points

3rd Place: Biohazard
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

4th Place: Blind Ducky
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: INC RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: Noble BeyondToxin
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Noble Raptor
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Noble iLuusions
Prizes: 50 league points

Without dropping a single game in either Winner’s Finals or Grand Finals, Semiij towers over the competition in both win/loss stats and the league standings! We are happy to congratulate him for becoming the Week 5 champion as well as strengthening his lead in the standings!

As a reminder of how points are earned, they are distributed across the Top 16 of every bracket. Minimum amount to be earned (for placing 13th) is ten points and the maximum is 150. These league points are crucial for those wishing to qualify for the Season Finale in October. See below for a graphic depicting the current standings.

For the most part, it is still anybody’s game as with the exception of Semiij, points are mostly evenly spread out across the competitors. With our first five weeks at an end, we have another five to play through before setting the stage for the finale.

Missed out on Week 5’s finals? Check out the complete archive from our YouTube page.

Week 6 begins tomorrow. If you are in North America and own a PlayStation 4, consider signing up at Gauntlet.GG/War-Registration! No entry fee required – all our brackets are free to enter. Also, follow us at to check out all broadcasts showcasing the series.

As a side-note, we’d like to congratulate Noble Dragon for becoming the Injustice 2 World Champion at EVO 2017 last Saturday! The event as a whole was amazing to witness, especially the paths walked by the players.

Now the question becomes, can he prolong his domination throughout the remainder of War of the Gods, or will he be toppled by another…perhaps you?! The answer will show itself soon.

We thank Mr Aquaman and cK Echo for casting the Week 5 finals. They will return tomorrow evening for the beginning of Week 6.

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