Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #4!

Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #4!

Last week, Semiij returned to defend his throne against an armada of battle-ridden warriors as Week 4 of War of the Gods raced towards an epic conclusion. Sure enough, we saw him striding back into Winner’s Finals with an intent on adding to his list of achievements, only to have his teammate Noble Dragon barring his path.

Winner’s Finals

Abandoning all hope for Poison Ivy, Dragon challenged Semiij’s Catwoman using the power of the Trident of Atlantis. They clawed at one another in Game 1 without end, although the advantage favored Semiij due to the fact that Dragon was slipping up in the neutral by whiffing his strings. The extensive chip damage from countless Trident Rushes made up more than half the damage Dragon was able to dish out, but Semiij took an early lead in the set. Game 2 could best be described as an absolute slaughter, as Dragon was unable to find even one fault in Semiij’s style of play and therefore could not land a hit. With Semiij on set point, Dragon was forced to re-evaluate his play within a short period of time. He managed to even up the health bars somewhat but once again he over-extended in the neutral, leaving himself vulnerable to an MB Cat Dash from Semiij. Dragon retaliated with a clean hit-confirm from a counter-poke, only for his MB From The Deep to be interrupted by an air escape! Before he could process what happened, Semiij pressed the offensive, cleaning out the last of Dragon’s health bar as a result.

Noble Dragon (Aquaman): 0 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Loser’s Finals

The Top 3 continued with a showcase of Team Noble’s prowess. Dragon faced off against another of his teammates – Noble iLuusions, a player known for bringing underrated characters into the spotlight…for example, Cyborg, the cybernetic Teen Titan that has won the hearts of many fans. No sooner had the set started did Luu take to the sky, filling the screen with Nova Blasts and occasionally grappling himself to safety. Although Dragon’s counter-zoning rewarded him with respectable damage, his recovery rendered him the loser in the zoning war, forcing him to give up his control from full-screen and walk towards Cyborg instead. A dropped input ultimately cost Luu the first game, but that would be the last setback he’d endure in Loser’s Finals. Dragon managed to close the distance occasionally only to be forced back out by Luu’s normals and his trait, which Mr Aquaman fondly dubbed “the roomba.” Eventually Luu decided to slip MB F3s alongside his trait, but Dragon managed to block the double mix-up, an impressive feat considering the ambiguous timing Luu had applied. In Game 3, Luu almost fell victim to the same input error that cost him in Game 1, but a wake-up Power Fist, the only one he had done throughout the set, caught Dragon in the act of pressing his offense. Now on set point, Luu confidently kept his distance despite the occasional tap on the wrist…or Aquaman’s Trident Rush and Trident Toss, in this case. Dragon’s stamina finally wore down and so did his chances of victory.

Noble iLuusions (Cyborg): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Aquaman): 1

Grand Finals

With Dragon eliminated at third place, iLuusions entered Grand Finals to confront the Week 3 champion in his home territory. Instead of Cyborg, however, Luu re-introduced his Green Arrow to Grand Finals. The matches mostly followed the same course of events: Luu would start the game with a strong zoning advantage only to lose it all to an MB Cat Dash. But unlike with Cyborg, the damage output of Luu’s combos easily matched Semiij’s with the proper resources and set-ups applied. Luu came within an inch of grasping victory in the first game but Semiij quickly clashed before a follow-up could finish him, regaining 25% health and the neutral in the process. A desperate Savage Arrow on wake-up led Luu to eating Catwoman’s jump-in, ultimately foiling his efforts. The consistency stayed with Semiij throughout all of Game 2, but not in the third match. Semiij rapidly spent meter to armor an interactable in the right-hand corner of the Arkham Asylum level to get himself some breathing room. Luu instantly began retreating with a rapid use of Savage Arrow, whittling away at Semiij’s lead in the process. Finally the cat thief grew desperate enough to jump at his opponent. Luu instantly responded with a Super Move to attain his first win in the Grand Finals. He quickly attained a zoning advantage in the fourth game using a similar strategy albeit with slightly different timing. Semiij eventually caged him at the left-hand side of Kahndaq, where both players gave a display of acrobatics using the interactables. Eventually their match moved back to center stage where Semiij overpowered his foe to claim victory over his Noble teammate!

Noble iLuusions (Green Arrow): 1 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: Noble iLuusions
Prizes: $150 and 125 league points

3rd Place: Noble Dragon
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

4th Place: EMPR Knicks
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: cR HoneyBee
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: cR WoundCowboy
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: HARA Rewind
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Method SylverRye
Prizes: 50 league points

Archive for Week 4’s Top 8 can be found in the YouTube video below.

We’re happy to acknowledge that Noble Semiij is now our Week 3 and Week 4 champion for War of the Gods! It is simply astounding how his Catwoman quickly grew to be a threat to the opposition since his first appearance in Week 1. Congratulations to him for the achievement. Collective nods go out to Team Noble as well for putting on a remarkable display of skill in the Top 3 portion of the bracket, as well as to Team cR since WoundCowboy and HoneyBee made their Top 8 debuts in Week 4 (both finished at 5th place).

Archive for Week 4’s Top 8 can be found here.

As our first back-to-back champion in War of the Gods, Semiij has taken a commanding lead in our War of the Gods rankings. The question is, can he defend his position in tomorrow’s finals for Week 5? As a preview of what is to come, see the Week 5 bracket below…

As you can see, a record has been set in War of the Gods. Noble’s players have been known to bring the numbers in consecutive Top 8 brackets since the Kombat Cup, but five of their players will be representing their crew tomorrow night at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. The remainder of the bracket consists of two free agents and a representative for InControl Gaming. Will the invasion be stopped?!

We highly recommend that you follow us at so you don’t risk missing out on the conclusion to Week 5! Additionally, if you’d like to participate in War of the Gods, please visit our page at Gauntlet.GG to sign up for Weeks 6 – 10. Be advised that while players of all ages are eligible to take part, any underage players will require parental assistance to claim their monetary winnings should they place in the Top 4. This tournament series is restricted to players from North America only.

Our gratitude goes out to Mr Aquaman and cK Echo for casting the Week 4 finals. They will return tomorrow to do likewise for Week 5, and we hope you’ll join us as well!

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