Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #3!

Noble Semiij wins War of the Gods Week #3!

Week 3 for War of the Gods treated us to a volcanic series of matches that culminated in a brand-new champion for the series, though followers of the Kombat Cup will be more than familiar with his reputation. For those who didn’t get to catch last week’s finals, read on for a recap as well as match footage!

Winner’s Finals

The Top 4 consisted entirely of players holding the highest amount of league points from our rankings. It’s open hunting season as both HARA Rewind and Noble Semiij exterminate both Echo Foxes, Theo and SonicFox, only for their roads to intersect. While known for his monstrous Atrocitus, Rewind favors his Black Adam when facing the likes of Semiij’s Catwoman. His reliance on his F1 2 string leaves him open to Semiij’s D1 punishes as both hits are counted as highs. The ambiguity of Catwoman’s jump-1 causes Rewind to question his own defense at the cost of his health bars. Despite his limited low options, Rewind tries feverishly to condition Semiij into blocking low so as to create openings for his B2 overhead launcher, only for Semiij to lessen the damage with a Clash. With the odds against him, Rewind feels the pressure…and eventually succumbs to it, throwing out a divekick in desperation only to be punished for his rash decision-making. Semiij takes Winner’s Finals with a flawless 3-0 victory to make his return to Grand Finals for War of the Gods!

Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Black Adam): 0

Loser’s Finals

With SonicFox’s victory over the Week 2 champion (Theo), half of Echo Fox’s strength is cut in half, but Rewind knows not to underestimate Sonic despite his previous victories in their Kombat Cup match-ups. This time, Black Adam is fighting on Sonic’s side of the map whereas Rewind has defaulted to his Red Lantern. Other than a successful mix-up for the beginning combo, Rewind has no answer to Sonic’s offensive strategy. A quick first win on Sonic’s part gives Rewind an opportunity for another character switch, but this time he pins his hopes onto Catwoman. At first this decision is questionable as Sonic quickly takes a health lead with over a %175 difference in health bars. Rewind gradually evens it up with one combo and tries to press the offensive from full-screen, only to dash right into Black Adam’s trait, losing the match in the process. In Game 3, the tables are flipped and Rewind is the one with a staggering health lead even after SonicFox spends his Clash for 30% health. However, SonicFox begins an amazing sequence for a comeback all off of just one attack. Rewind tries to anti-air Sonic in the corner after a knockdown only to get stuffed and left vulnerable. With both players on their second life bar, Rewind comes off his Clash and tries to play a solid spacing game so as to tame the Fox’s aggression, only to be punished by an instant-air divekick the second his feet leave the floor! The casters are stunned from disbelief as SonicFox makes up for a deficit that is almost equivalent to two whole health bars…and winning the set as a reward for all his effort.

Echo Fox SonicFox (Black Adam): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Atrocitus and Catwoman): 0

Grand Finals

SonicFox has survived Loser’s Bracket and his reward for doing so is a runback with Noble Semiij (Semiij had previously defeated the Fox’s Joker 3-1 in Winner’s Semis). In the process, his character that first brought him to fame – Deadshot, to be specific – has been resurrected to ensure his smooth sailing through Loser’s, even against his comrade Theo. Semiij is kept at bay by the assassin’s intimidating precision, a stark contrast to the course of their previous set. When Sonic takes the lead by two games, Semiij decides to take a chance and test the waters using his back-up Poison Ivy, but the results come back more than negative. The Grand Finals are reset with a second bracket, and SonicFox’s momentum is completely erased by his sudden inability to fend off Semiij’s Catwoman. Sonic expertly punishes all of Semiij’s mis-spaced strings while being careful not to take a hit as his damage output comes largely from zoning the opponent rather than combos. Gradually, the pendulum tilts into Semiij’s favor as the pressure on Sonic mounts higher and higher. Both players soon find themselves whiffing strings trying to catch each other slipping in their defense and the majority of such trades ends in Semiij’s favor. With their life bars on the verge of extinction, Semiij gives up his Clash to keep Sonic cornered. When Sonic extends a D1, Semiij immediately challenges with MB B3, catching Sonic pressing another button and launching him for a final combo that closes out the entire tournament!

Grand Finals, Set 1

Echo Fox SonicFox (Deadshot): 3 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman and Poison Ivy): 0

Grand Finals, Set 2

Echo Fox SonicFox (Deadshot): 1 vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman): 3

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd Place: Echo Fox SonicFox
Prizes: $150 and 125 league points

3rd Place: HARA Rewind
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

4th Place: Echo Fox Theo
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th Place: Lord Pnut
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: Buffalo
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Method SylverRye
Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: SM Perfect Legend
Prizes: 50 league points

Congratulations to Noble Semiij for becoming the War of the Gods Week 3 champion! Can he repeat this consistency in Week 4? Below is a graphic depicting the players who will be featured in tomorrow night’s finals at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time – check it out!

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to save the archive for the Week 3 matches. However, with thanks to Topsietegames, there’s still some footage you can sink your fangs into. We hope you enjoy!

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Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and cK Echo for casting the Week 3 finals! We’ll be happy to see them return for Week 4’s conclusion tomorrow. Be sure to follow them on Twitter!

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