Noble @Dragon_FGC wins the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

Noble @Dragon_FGC wins the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

We’ve come to the end of a long road.

For ten weeks, hundreds of players signed up to overcome countless opponents while adding league points to their name. As the meta changed and the roster expanded, we saw a gradual evolution take place for a growing community of NRS players. Memories would be quickly extinguished while new chapters were etched in the history books.

Now, after an epic season finale yesterday, we are happy to announce the results for the Season Finale to War of the Gods!

Before we get into them, however, it is our pleasure to thank everybody who participated in War of the Gods. As a player, a spectator, or any other role, it is ultimately thanks to all of you that we’ve been able to bring you a highly successful circuit for those who enjoy Injustice 2. As a gesture of gratitude, we have two pieces of great news to share with you:

  1. War of the Gods will continue with a second season! Details have yet to be finalized but we will drop another article for you once they are ready. Until then, please follow our Twitter and our blog to stay informed.
  2. By popular demand, we will return to our roots next weekend with a singular bracket called Kombat Cup: The Runback! To learn how to participate, please see this article.

Now that we’ve dropped those revelations, read on for the results! A brief recap of the matches for Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals and Grand Finals will be included, and those wishing to catch up on the finale in its entirety may check out this archive from

Winner’s Finals

Out of the entire bracket, Buffalo and HARA Rewind were the only two left standing in the Winner’s side, so it was only natural that the ensuing conflict would be one for the ages. As the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, Buffalo has become recognized as the type of player able to make the impossible quite possible, all while using only his beloved Lin Kuei warrior. Rewind sought to topple his regime by using Aquaman, but suffered two consecutive losses instead. As Buffalo stood poised to claim the set, Rewind put all his hopes into the scarlet speedster, the Flash. Although Sub-Zero had the tools necessary to regulate the Flash’s rampaging offense, it was as if a switch had flipped after Rewind’s character change. Buffalo suddenly found himself struggling to force Rewind off of himself, and it became a game of who could trap each other in the corner better than the other. Buffalo’s increasing panic led him to take to the air quite often, but Rewind was ready to respond with a D2 attack every time. From the depths of defeat, Rewind was able to drag the set out to five games and claim a strong win in the final match, winning the set 3-2 and advancing to Grand Finals.

HARA Rewind (Aquaman and The Flash): 3 vs. Buffalo (Sub-Zero): 2

Loser’s Finals

Despite the setback, Buffalo’s resolve remained as steely as the ice he commands. He faced Noble Dragon in Loser’s Finals with not an iota of concern. Dragon’s character choice echoed Rewind’s, and given the course of the first game, Buffalo appeared to be just as dominant against Aquaman. Many contemplated the possibility of Dragon changing characters to bypass this obstacle, but they were taken aback by the ferocity of Dragon’s response in Game 2, which left Buffalo reeling from shock. In Game 3, Buffalo’s offense returned to full form, dismantling Aquaman’s defenses and abusing the weakness in his trait. Despite the player base’s lack of faith in Sub-Zero’s viability, Buffalo’s use of the character’s 1-2 attack string (which has a low for a second hit) appeared to do wonders in combating Aquaman’s footsie game and creating shimmy situations. Nevertheless, Dragon fought to keep the match within the distance of his B1 attack so as to threaten Buffalo with full combos at the first sign of a mistake. The two constantly traded blows from all ranges until eventually, Dragon’s damage output won out. Buffalo’s defense against Aquaman’s B2 overhead proved insufficient, and a desperate backdash would be clipped by a Tentacle Strike from the King of Atlantis, thus sealing the set in favor of Dragon.

Noble Dragon (Aquaman): 3 vs. Buffalo (Sub-Zero): 2

Grand Finals

With the Lin Kuei in shambles, Dragon kept the Noble dream alive long enough to see the Grand Finals for the Season Finale, but having lost a set to Rewind already during Winner’s Semis, he started off at a disadvantage. What sparked quite the level of interest was the fact that both players had abandoned their previous characters in favor of new ones: Dragon’s Black Adam and Rewind’s Catwoman. What followed was a slow yet tense routine at the mid range, with both players tossing out strings and backdashing immediately after in the hopes of baiting a reversal. Ironically, it was only when the pressure mounted to unbearable levels that one of them would crack open a wake-up MB B3 or other effective reversal to turn the tide back into their favor.

The first set saw an extension to Game 5, with both players ensnared in a crazy tug o’ war for power. Finally it was Dragon who seized the upper hand, effectively dragging Rewind down into the Loser’s Bracket, thus forcing a Grand Finals reset. And still both players remained glued to their characters and their strategies. Unfortunately for Rewind, he was unable to pin down the bloodthirsty Dragon for two games straight, and he suddenly found himself on the verge of elimination. In response, he decided to resurrect his Atrocitus from the dead, but Dragon would have none of his zoning setups let alone his offense. He stubbornly held his ground, punishing any mishaps from Rewind while winning occasional trades. With a final strike to Rewind’s combative spirit, Dragon claimed the ultimate victory in War of the Gods!

Grand Finals Set 1

Noble Dragon (Black Adam): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Catwoman): 2

Grand Finals Set 2

Noble Dragon (Black Adam): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Catwoman and Atrocitus): 0

Winner: Noble Dragon
Prizes: $4,000

2nd Place: HARA Rewind
Prizes: $2,500

3rd Place: Buffalo
Prizes: $1,500

4th Place: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $1,000

5th Place Tie: StreamMe Perfect Legend and Circa Forever King
Prizes: $500 (apiece)

7th Place Tie: Noble Tweedy and Noble iLuusions

First an EVO champion and now our War of the Gods champion, Dragon has truly made his mark on the NRS community! We sincerely congratulate him for becoming the Season Finale champion! In the process, he overcame his temporary demon in HARA Rewind and brought pride to Noble’s golden crown.

Another thing to congratulate these players for, of course, is the fact that an overwhelming number of sets saw extensions to a fifth game throughout the finale. This was truly an epic conclusion to our first season, and if you thought it was enjoyable now…get ready for Season 2!

Our thanks go out to the following for providing us with the appropriate platform for an amazing circuit in War of the Gods:

Additionally, a shout-out is owed to Wonder Chef for stopping by to fill in for Echo as a guest commentator! It was a pleasure to work with him and the list of people above.

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To all of the NRS community, if you’re ready for Season 2, please keep a close eye on the home page of our blog. The tab marked “War of the Gods” will be updated once the details have been ironed out. Until that moment comes…we thank you once again for your tireless passion for the series.

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We at StreamMe have dedicated this first season of War of the Gods to the memory of our amazing comrade, Mike Thompson a.k.a. Noble Texas.