.@InTheSkiesLLC welcomes South American #Tekken7 player "Crespo"

.@InTheSkiesLLC welcomes South American #Tekken7 player "Crespo"

As a start to the 2018 season, InTheSkies welcomed a pro-level Akuma player from South America: Crespo, who’d initially qualified for the Tekken World Tour 2017 Finals!

For the Tekken World Tour 2017 circuit, Crespo finished in the top five for the American standings with 150 league points, which put him just inside qualifying territory. Unfortunately, due to issues in acquiring his travel visa, Crespo had been unable to attend the Finals. In his place. P. Ling, sitting at 6th place with 146 points proceeded to the TWT Finals.

Crespo is regarded as a formidable competitor in the South American FGC. Hailing from Peru, he’s fully prepared to make his mark in the 2018 Tekken season. His first stop? The AR Tekken Invitational, which takes place in Chile near the end of January!

We wish Crespo all the best as he starts a new chapter alongside his teammates from ITS, a crew that specializes in the Tekken franchise more so than any other fighting game! In addition to Crespo, ITS consists of players like Kane, SourPiggy, MYK, Lil Majin, and more! Anybody competing in the 2018 Tekken World Tour will want to be wary of these warriors!

For more updates, follow this blog and the accounts below:

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