Interview with @TeamAllegiance's @Dragon_FGC by @ADsolo3

Interview with @TeamAllegiance's @Dragon_FGC by @ADsolo3

Adrienne “ADsolo3” Desirae returns this week with another interview, and this one features the player who currently reigns supreme as the Evolution 2017 and ELEAGUE World Champion for Injustice 2: Dragon from Team Allegiance!

As those who compete regularly in our War of the Gods series will be aware, Dragon has long since boasted a level of skill that has thrown even the other NRS titans off their groove. This skill is what earned him his victories at Evolution 2017 and ELEAGUE, and despite that his triumphs have painted a target sign on his back, he’s more than ready to take another step along the road to glory in 2018.

But his accomplishments seem to have sparked a fascinating rivalry with the one whom many still regard as the best player in NRS games: Echo Fox SonicFox. Their exchange has won the attention of the entire community, and naturally so, because since the second half of Injustice 1’s competitive lifespan, SonicFox had consistently earned the right to be called the best NRS player, year after year. Now that Dragon is beginning to duplicate such a feat, it’s to be expected when we ask ourselves: which player will triumph over the other?

ADsolo took the time to speak with Dragon on that subject, as well as other topics such as his gaming experience, his family’s thoughts on his passion, and a fascinating interest in Kung Fu Panda. See below to watch their discussion!

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