Interview with @MisterAquaman by @ADsolo3

Interview with @MisterAquaman by @ADsolo3

Over the weekend, Adrienne Desirae a.k.a. ADSolo3 uploaded a video interview she hosted at the StreamMe headquarters in San Antonio. The guest of honor was none other than our very own Mr Aquaman, a high-profile commentator from the Netherrealm Studios competitive community!

The interview is quite lengthy but also the perfect mixture of informative and entertaining. You can click the video in the Twitter post above to immerse yourself in ADSolo’s conversation with Mr Aqua. The topics covered include:

  • what sparked Mr Aquaman’s interest in commentary
  • his contributions to the fighting game community, including when he assisted with management for The Commonwealth in Virginia
  • his latest take on player rivalries

In addition, we would also like to recommend that you give ADSolo’s blog a look. The site is called Fighters Approaching, a source for gaming news that centers around the NRS scene. While it is still in its early stages, ADSolo remains hard at work in fine-tuning it where necessary. Check it out!

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