"In the Life of a Pro Gamer" VLOG Series by @MFSlayer

"In the Life of a Pro Gamer" VLOG Series by @MFSlayer

In this day and age, just about any FGC enthusiast relies on Twitter to share their competitive experiences with the world. Others resort to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Frank “Slayer” Perales is like a diamond in the rough among the NRS community. It is impossible for you to walk within hearing distance of him without taking notice of his antics, whether it be solely for comedy or Frank’s inability to contain his enthusiasm. Underneath the happy exterior, however, is a beast who hungers to taste the blood of his opponent.

His glory days took off during Injustice 1 and Mortal Kombat X, and his legacy carries over into Injustice 2 as a former representative for Rogue (he recently announced the end of his contract with them here). During his travels all over the country, he decided to archive his experiences in the form of a video series called, “In the Life of a Pro Gamer.”

Today, he just uploaded his fifth episode of the series, where he highlights his favorite moments at Absolute Battle 8 through a sequence of creative editing. And while Frank may be the creator of the series, he refuses to hog the spotlight all to himself. Followers of the NRS player base may recognize some of their favorite faces in Frank’s entries!

Take a look below!

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