Blanka joins Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on February 20th!

Blanka joins Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on February 20th!

When the @StreetFighter Twitter page changed its avatar image to a logo of SFV with a lightning bolt striking in the background, we suspected that news about Blanka, the next cast member to be introduced in Season 3, would be coming this week.

Sure enough, a gameplay trailer dropped this morning showcasing Blanka’s abilities as well as his release date: February 20th! Check it out!

Since his debut in Street Fighter 2, Blanka has become notorious for his wildly aggressive playstyle, and his new abilities in Street Fighter V will enhance that aspect even more so. One such example is the addition of a command grab to Blanka’s arsenal called Wild Hunt, which damages the opponent before knocking them away at a distance. The threat of such a tool will likely pressure opponents into pressing buttons at the wrong time, opening up opportunities for Blanka to counter-attack.

Blanka will come equipped with the following abilities for SFV:

  • V-Skill: Coward Crouch
  • V-Trigger I: Jungle Dynamo
  • V-Trigger II: Lightning Beast
  • Critical Art: Dynamic Rolling

For a full breakdown on the character’s capabilities, see this blog post from Capcom Unity.

On February 20th, Blanka will be available for individual purchase at $5.99 or to owners of the Season 3 Character Pass, which grants instant access to all extra characters as they become available. In either instance, you’ll also get each character’s Battle Costume as well as all alternate colors for both the Battle Costume and their primary costume.

If you have yet to purchase the Season 3 Character Pass, we recommend doing so! See below for a list of links corresponding to your platform in order to purchase the content.

Playstation Store – Season 3 Pass
Steam Store (PC) – Season 3 Pass

Thus far, Capcom has followed a pattern of releasing their Season 3 characters in a “left-to-right” fashion. You’ll note in the graphic on the Street Fighter Twitter page that Sakura is the character seen all the way to the left, and was the first to be released. Blanka is seen just to the right of Sakura and has just been confirmed to be next in line for release. If this pattern continues, Falke, a newcomer to the cast, may be next in line to join the roster. She was seen originally in Ed’s character story as well as the opening trailer for SFV: Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available for both the Playstation 4 and PC platforms.

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