A look into #EVOJapan2018 by @CoreAGaming

A look into #EVOJapan2018 by @CoreAGaming

Near the end of January, we bore witness to the course of the first EVO event to take place outside of America, EVO Japan 2018. There, we watched champions get crowned atop a glorious stage at the Akiba Square in Tokyo for a series of the world’s hottest competitive titles.

For decades, the EVO brand has stationed its flagship event in Las Vegas, and it has been regarded as the annual championship event to be celebrated by the fighting game community as a whole. Players from different regions would converge in Vegas every summer to either defend their throne or unseat the reigning champions, and even those who are not the last player standing still find themselves carving out iconic moments in FGC history, such as EVO Moment 37, where Daigo Umehara pulled off an amazing sequence of parries that led into a game-winning combo against Justin Wong in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

No sooner had the first EVO Japan concluded were we assured that it would return next year, which all but means that we now celebrate the fighting game genre not once, but twice at the biggest stage in two different countries!

So…what is EVO Japan like, you may wonder? Gerald Lee, full-time content creator for the fighting game community, released a five-minute video that offers a firsthand look into the brand’s expansion to Japan. Although not an incredibly long watch, every second of this clip will arrest your attention with little to no effort.

Give it a look…and enjoy!

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